Keeping your home warm in those chilly winter months is as important to us as it is to you. Whether its natural gas, oil or lpg we can service or repair your boiler, and if the worst should happen we can install a new high efficiency boiler.

We also design, supply and carry out the installation of whole heating systems for both domestic and commercial applications, from standard radiators to underfloor heating or warm air systems.

Accumulated dirt in old radiators can seriously decrease the efficiency of your central heating and considerably reduce the lifespan of the components in it. With a full power flush we can remove the sludge that blocks and decays systems helping to breathe new life back into a tired system and help reduce running costs.

Underfloor Heating

Replacing radiators with a home heating system that’s underfoot and out of sight means you have space to create the home you want without compromising on style.

Underfloor Heating gives you the freedom to furnish and decorate your home the way you want, making it perfect for modern open plan living. Plus, with thermostat controls, you can precisely set the temperature in every room for constant comfort. And since heat is evenly distributed throughout your home, it’s efficient to run so you can save on energy costs.


If you’re looking to increase your hot water pressure then maybe a booster pump or a mains pressure cylinder for more efficient baths and showers.

Maybe it’s time for a new bathroom or just spruce up an existing one, we’ll help design, supply and install your perfect bathroom.

Dripping tap? New washing machine or dishwasher? New gas cooker? No job too small. It’s all in a day’s work for us.


We know to you the environment is an ever more important issue and we feel the same way.

If you are thinking about changing your old oil or gas installation or if you want a brand new system for your heating and hot water we can fit various renewable technologies including biomass boilers, air and ground source heat pumps and solar thermal. You may be eligible to receive payments via the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) for certain installations. We can help you through this process to see what assistance you may qualify for.


Pricing 2020

Call out charge: £50 for first half hour
Hourly rate: £50
I.e. First hour including call out charge = £75
Natural gas boiler service: £74
Natural gas fire service: £66
Natural gas boiler & gas fire: £118
Natural gas Aga: £76
LPG boiler service: £76
Oil boiler service: £85 + parts
LLGSC & 1 Appliance serviced: £74
(£30 each extra for additional appliances)